The advantages and disadvantages of Love Marriage

Love marriage 2day
Now a days it is one of the hot topics that- which one is better- Love marriage or settle marriage? Though there are so many answers. But you can’t say that one is good and one is bad, or one is superior to the other. Though there are some logic in both sides. It is true that every marriage is made in heaven
but stayed on earth and like some disadvantages there are some advantages of love marriage. The young generation is these days more inclined towards love marriage than the settle marriage with an unfamiliar person.  Love is a matter of Emotion, for both Men and Women. It is true Marriage is an understanding. It requests to elements to effort the husband and wife and how much effort they are willing to invest in that beautiful relationship. So both love Marriage and settle Marriage have their advantages and disadvantages. The only cure for that last longer, trust and commitment. Conjugal love is by choice and disadvantages possibilities seem smaller, but this is not the truth.

Top 5 disadvantages of online dating

disadvantage of online dating
Now a day’s online dating is one of the hottest topic of virtual world. Though it’s a matter of romance and emotion. But the practical situation is totally different from the dream night. Because there are so many people earning a lot and expense a huge on this sector. Especially many European people addicted to this habit unknowingly. But what’s the ultimate result…? Researcher said nothing but lots of deceitful happiness. After having married is it necessary to date with someone?  You may attract someone else but the life can be turned into burn soil. So have a look at this article on top 5 disadvantages of online dating:

Happily married but still attracted to someone else?

Attraction to another
Attraction to opposite sexual characteristics is natural of human being. When this article is being written many relation is breaking because of attraction to another when your 1st partner is still alive. But why…?
Okay, first of all you are a human being, aren't you? Certainly you will be attracted to other. It is absolutely usual to find yourself attracted to another person. In the very early moment just ask over yourself what is it regarding this person you stumble on attractive, are they more sexy in a dissolute way? Or are they very sexy due to other affecting thing, you like the mode they treat you. Do the person attach with other people better? Basically is there something the person

Is it possible to make someone fall in love with you?

Fall in love
The strait answer is ‘YES’ possible. But condition applies. So what are the conditions happening a love. Have a look at this article seriously:
Occasionally it so happens that we come crossways a person and we know that it's nothing but love. However, it is not for all time possible to see the incredible qualities of the person right there in frontage of you. He or she may need a slight push to understand that maybe he or she loves you also. First of all you have to believe that love is a mysterious feeling. There are no any techniques you can make a person fall in love with you. Keep in mind- love comes from heart that cannot be forced. But yes, with time and exertion, you be capable of make the person realize how much he or she great matters for you.

Why do people fall in love?

why do people fall in love?
It’s a lime lighting  question that why do people fall in love? Loving and being loved by someone makes life attraction to alive. while people are become closer to each other they feel more contented. True love makes us feel human being wanted, implicit and safe. But each kind of love has its individual feelings. The variety of love we feel for our parents is special from the love we have in favor of our greatest friend. In addition to being in the romantic and dreamy relationship is its have typical kind of love. Youth across the planet have feelings of appeal towards opposite sex. It's usual to have romantic feelings and sexual attractions with your loved person. However you can't measure perfectly your love using any Love Meter.

Qualities of a perfect life partner

perfect life partner
Marriage is a lifetime dedication, so it is vital that you get someone who’s really very perfect for you. Because at present ‘qualities of a perfect life partner’ is an important question. There is an universal conviction that marriages comes from heaven, but while it comes to choosing a life-partner it can’t be missing to luck or destiny, correct? You have to make an effort to identify the person enhanced and have shared well being. Here are some qualities of a perfect life partner:
Love and intimacy
Love is the pillar of every relation. Definitely Love is the most beautiful thing for a relationship. To recognize what it feels like to love someone and be loved in come back despite of what you've done or said or the mistake you've done, can actually give you harmony of mind.

How to be happy in conjugal life?

happy conjugal life
Marriage is the best formation of making a beautiful life. Though researchers speak up their voices for making a good relation but there are some advantages and disadvantages of love marriage. Now a day we are passing a bored life constantly. Because of our disappoint life style. Some of us lead a healthy and perfect conjugal life and some of miserable. Why this is the situation...? So it is important to know- why need a happy conjugal life? A married life can be a beautiful garden when flowers blooming here effortlessly.  So try to understand- how to be happy in conjugal life? Here is the 10 ways to be happy in conjugal life:

Relationships are valued equally by all, rich or poor

Love marriage 2day
It is natural to think that the poor do not have to believe in higher values of the institution of marriage is concerned. However, a study on the subject shows that most people, including the poor, think the same way on the values related to marriage. Although the income of poor families and the rich, the poor and the needy also maintain equal values of marriage and they know the consequences of divorce. They know how it affects the family, especially the children when the parents are divorced. They also believe that children are well educated than their parents were married. On the other hand, believe that the members of a couple to marry when they have children. The study was conducted by psychologists for a newspaper about a large number of people from different income groups.

Love Marriage in Islam

love marriage in Islam
Love comes naturally. And Islam is a religion of Peace. So what is the position of Love Marriage in Islam? What about the thinking of every Muslimah...? love and hate , like, angry, sad , smile, cry, etc. are natural feelings of humanity. Loving someone is a natural feeling, and there is absolutely no shame or sin if you like someone else, but that's what you do and say that was once in love with that person to decide if they will tell you that a virtue and good deed before God or sin.
But if you fall in love, and strive to meet or talk with the secret and private, and their transgression love the limits of Allah Subhanah until they join in holy matrimony, then it would really a great sin in the sight of Allah Subhanah .It would be pretty safe to assume that Islam discourages enough to organize a "marriage of hatred” or marry someone

Love Quotes

“Love is an endless mystery, For it has nothing else to explain it”

Rabindranath Tagore

Love Quotes

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”

William Shakespeare
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