Relationships are valued equally by all, rich or poor

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It is natural to think that the poor do not have to believe in higher values of the institution of marriage is concerned. However, a study on the subject shows that most people, including the poor, think the same way on the values related to marriage. Although the income of poor families and the rich, the poor and the needy also maintain equal values of marriage and they know the consequences of divorce. They know how it affects the family, especially the children when the parents are divorced. They also believe that children are well educated than their parents were married. On the other hand, believe that the members of a couple to marry when they have children. The study was conducted by psychologists for a newspaper about a large number of people from different income groups.
Persons participating in the study were selected from different cities across the country.
The results of the survey gave comparable results for the four states. In the study because of phone calls, people asked many questions on the basis of results completed. The questions he confirmed that the rich, the low-income people also think that marriage is in fact important for children even if the parents do not like it. In addition, I do not think divorce is the only solution to an unhappy marriage.
So instead of spending money to educate people about the value of marriage in order to stop the increasing number of divorces and reduce the number of babies born out of wedlock, it is better that the government to spend money on helping people in need of their daily problems and improves their lives. And we have to remember that the world's culture is going towards day by day but it's negative reactions falling to our relationship. Because we can't go out from this circle. That's why we should respect all the time to our life partner.

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Love Quotes

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