Love Marriage in Islam

love marriage in Islam
Love comes naturally. And Islam is a religion of Peace. So what is the position of Love Marriage in Islam? What about the thinking of every Muslimah...? love and hate , like, angry, sad , smile, cry, etc. are natural feelings of humanity. Loving someone is a natural feeling, and there is absolutely no shame or sin if you like someone else, but that's what you do and say that was once in love with that person to decide if they will tell you that a virtue and good deed before God or sin.
But if you fall in love, and strive to meet or talk with the secret and private, and their transgression love the limits of Allah Subhanah until they join in holy matrimony, then it would really a great sin in the sight of Allah Subhanah .It would be pretty safe to assume that Islam discourages enough to organize a "marriage of hatred” or marry someone
they hate! “It is natural that one can choose to marry someone she loves instead of someone you do not like! Guides And Islam is one of the signs of Allah Subhanah that have "love " and " grace" between two people who have committed to be united in the sacred institution of marriage. The law defines a sin if you do not respect the boundaries of his Lord. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone like him and want to marry them. But if you aspire to have an illegal relationship with that person , or attempt to answer a private person and engage in a conversation, etc. , obviously opens the path or trajectory of abomination “zina” ( fornication ) and any action that opens the way for this evil vile "zina" is really a grave sin in the eyes of Allah Subhanah ! According to Islam every man will die one day and everybody have their liability to their own duties. That's why nobody can trick to Allah Subhnah that day! Islam is a religion of peace and it has a pure and quite-full guide book named "Al-Quran". So there is no any scope to make any sin by your every job. You can like to do everything but it might happens by the guide line. Though we found some advantages of love marriage but the position of love marriage in Islam is questionable.

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