Happily married but still attracted to someone else?

Attraction to another
Attraction to opposite sexual characteristics is natural of human being. When this article is being written many relation is breaking because of attraction to another when your 1st partner is still alive. But why…?
Okay, first of all you are a human being, aren't you? Certainly you will be attracted to other. It is absolutely usual to find yourself attracted to another person. In the very early moment just ask over yourself what is it regarding this person you stumble on attractive, are they more sexy in a dissolute way? Or are they very sexy due to other affecting thing, you like the mode they treat you. Do the person attach with other people better? Basically is there something the person
has that you want but isn’t getting in your beautiful marriage. Believe it or not this is one of the main
cause- why marriage broken…? As a human being we have to remember- there is a big devil in the world and he is continuously trying to breaking the beautiful relations we have. After getting marriage if you attracted with someone then you have to realize yourself that it is the persuasion of Devil. Because you dedicated to love someone and you respect your love from core of your heart.

Sex and sexual attraction is a normal part of our life. The problem is that the largest parts of us are not finally honest with each other. We want one object, but settle for a new. ‘We forever want most what we can't have' it is the characteristic of human. The challenge is to overcome, not to have'....many more. It is wholly usual to find others attractive, because you are married but not lifeless! Just keep a fixed distance.

Keep in mind, you love your partner for not only his/her looks. You like your partner’s feeling, sighting, touching by your heart not your eyes. After all we have to know- How to be happy in conjugal life? So it is necessary to come back as soon as possible from your delusion.

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Love Quotes

“Love is an endless mystery, For it has nothing else to explain it”

Rabindranath Tagore

Love Quotes

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”

William Shakespeare
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