Shakespeare said, “Tell me the source of love! Where is it born? In the heart or in the head? How is it born…? How nurtured…? Give me the reply…!” But nobody could give him the reply. Because love is a mysterious feelings. So can anybody measure this love by a Love Meter...? There are some true and immortal love story in this world. Like some disadvantages there are some advantages of love marriage. Sometimes love brings peace and sometimes war. The big love also can change the society’s rules and customs…! Love can’t comply with any laws and rules…! Here is the true and Immortal Love Story for the true lovers.
Top 10 Love Story of the World:


Romeo and Juliet
Immortal Love Story
This is most likely the most illustrious lovers ever. This couple has become a model for feel affection for itself. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy by the greatest writer William Shakespeare. Their love story is extraordinarily dreadful. The story of two young people from two feuding families who fall in love at first sight and then marry, happen to true lovers as well as then threat it all for their true love. To obtain your personal life for your wife or husband is absolutely a sign of real love. So in history it is called Immortal Love Story of the world.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony
Tragic Love Story
The exact love story of Antony and Cleopatra is one of the beautiful, unforgettable, fascinating and heartrending of all times. The story of these two chronological characters had later been dramatized by the famous writer William Shakespeare and is at a standstill staged whole of the world. The relationship of Antony and Cleopatra is a factual test of love. Antony and Cleopatra fell in love at first sight. The connection between these two prevailing people put the country of Egypt in a controlling position. But their relationship fuming the Romans who were suspicious of the rising powers of the Egyptians. in spite of all the fear, Anthony and Cleopatra got married. It is said that whilst fighting a battle in opposition to Romans, Antony got fake news of Cleopatra's death. Devastated, he knocks down on his sword. As soon as Cleopatra knew about Antony's death, she was very shocked and she took her own life. In the history this is called the most Tragic Love Story.

Lancelot and Guinevere
Passable Love Story
The terrible love story of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere is most likely one of the best-known stories of Arthurian Legend. Lancelot fell in love with Queen Guinevere. But Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur. Their love grew gradually, as Guinevere kept back Lancelot away from her. Ultimately, her love and obsession overwhelmed her and the couple became lovers. On a single night, Sir Agravain and Sir Modred, King Arthur's nephew, led a group of 12 knights to Guinevere's hall where they explode in upon the lovers. After then, Sir Lancelot completed a aggressive escape, but unfortunate Guinevere was not so fortunate. She was seized and damned to burn to death for her betrayal. Sir Lancelot came back some days later to save his beloved Guinevere as of the fire. Poor Lancelot finished his days as a simple hermit and Guinevere became a priest at Amesbury wherever she died. In the history of the world it is called the Passable Love Story.

Paris and Helena
Legendary Love Story
Recounted in the great author Homer's Iliad, the love story of Helen and the Trojan War is a Greek epic legend, combining fact and literature. It is said Helen of Troy is one of the most gorgeous and beautiful women in all literature. She was married with Menelaus, emperor of Sparta. Paris, youngster of King Priam of Troy, fell in love through Helen and abducted her, taking her back to Troy. The Greeks assembled huge soldiers, led by Menelaus's brother, Agamemnon, to get back Helen. Troy was shattered. Helen came back safely to Sparta, where she lived cheerfully with Menelaus in favor of the rest of her life. So in the human history it is called the Legendary Love Story.

Napoleon and Josephine
Passionate Love Story
A marriage of expediency, at age of 26, Napoleon took interpret to Josephine, a grown-up, well-known, and most prominently rich woman. Since time drew on, Napoleon fell extremely in love with Josephine, and she with Napoleon, but that didn't discourage the falseness on both sides-their mutual admiration for one another kept them mutually, and their flaming passion between them didn't waver, and was actual. They finally split, as Napoleon genuinely required something Josephine could not provide him, an successor. Miserably they parted ways, both comportment the love and passion in their hearts, for all infinity. For their sacrifices in the history of the humanity it is called the Passionate Love Story.

Layla and Majnun
Insane Love Story
A most important medieval poet of Iran, Nizami of Ganje is well-known especially for his romantic and loving poem Layla and Majnun stimulated by an Arab legend, Layla and Majnun is a pathetic love story about unfeasible love. Layla and Qays fell in love whilst at school. Their love was practical and they are soon prohibited from seeing one another. In desolation, Qays banishes himself to the desert to be alive among and be consoled by nature and animals. He neglects to eat and becomes thin. Due to his unconventional behavior, he becomes known as Majnun (mad man). There he is friends an aged Bedouin who promise to succeed him Layla’s hand through fighting. Layla’s ethnic group is defeated, but her father continues to decline her marriage with Majnun due to his mad activities, and she got married to another. When Layla’s husband died, the old Bedouin facilitates a get-together between Layla and Majnun, but they are never wholly prepared to accept in life. After death, both they are buried alongside. So this the Insane Love Story of the world.

Elizabeth Bennett and Darcy
Unpredictable Love Story
In fact Jane Austen has incarnate two attributes of human being nature, pride and prejudice in Darcy and Elizabeth. Darcy comes from an extremely high social hierarchy. He typifies the cultured and educated aristocracy whereas then again, Elizabeth is the second daughter of a gentleman of diffident means. Mr. Bennett has 5 daughters who have been permitted to grow up the way they wanted, there has been no school education for them, nor has there been any governess at home. Elizabeth’s very tolerant mother and careless father never gave any thought to the opportunity of the daughters, it is all the time taken for approved, that they will do healthy for themselves. To a woman of Mrs. Bennett's considerate, doing well absolutely means finding a wealthy, well to do husband. For a gentleman of Darcy's social highness, these were extremely serious failings of the family unit and perfectly intolerable to his polished, cultured, educated and refined intelligence. Darcy adores Pemberley, and the coming future mistress of that estate can simply be presently as polished and refined and from a similarly high-status family. He falls in a great love with Elizabeth just to be ignored by her originally, and then much later she recognized that she can love nobody but Darcy. How they become combined and recognize the love for each other makes extremely interesting learning. So it is called the Unpredictable Love Story of the world.

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal
Unforgettable Love Story
In 1612, a teenaged young girl, Arjumand Banu, got married 15-year-old Shah Jahan, emperor of the. Mughal kingdom. Renamed Mumtaz Mahal, she bore stiff Shah Jahan 14 children as well as became his beloved wife. After Mumtaz died in the year of 1629, the grieving ruler resolved to build a fitting tombstone or monument. It took 20,000 laborers and 1,000 strong elephants almost 20 years to finish this gravestone - the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan was not at all able to finish a black marble mausoleum he considered for himself. Deposed by his own son, Shah Jahan was imprisoned in the Red fortress of Agra, and spent feeling alone hours staring crossways the Jamuna River at the memorial to his dearly loved queen. He was finally buried beside her in the monument Taj Mahal. For their own sacrifices in the human history it is called the Unforgettable Love Story.

Marie and Pierre Curie
Scientific Love Story
This is called a scientific love story of the world. Unable to continue Marie’s studies in Poland because universities did not acknowledge women, Maria Sklodowska Curie travel to Paris, capital of France in 1891 to be there the Sorbonne. Recognized by the French "Marie," she used up every spare hour studying in the library or in the laboratory. The hard-working student caught the intelligent eye of Pierre Curie, director one of the updated laboratories where Marie worked. Curie passionately wooed Marie and made a number of marriage proposals. They were lastly married in the year of 1895 and began their renowned partnership. In 1898 they did a great job. They discovered polonium and radium. The Curies and scientist Henri Becquerel won the great Nobel Prize for Physics in the year of 1903 for discovering radioactivity. When Curie died in 1904, Marie pledged to bring on their work. She took her place at the Sorbonne, becoming the school's earliest female teacher. In 1911 she became the first and finest person to win a second Nobel Prize, this time for chemistry. She sustained to experiment and lecture awaiting her death of leukemia in 1934, driven by the remembrance of the man she loved. That’s why this only the most perfect Scientific Love Story of the world.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
Royal Love Story
This is the love story which is about English royal family who mourned her husband's death for 40 years. Victoria was a energetic, smiling girl, fond of drawing and beautiful painting. She ascended the throne of England in the year of 1837 after losing her uncle, King William IV. In 1840, she got married her earliest cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. While at first Prince Albert was out of favor in some circles because he was German, he came to be well-liked for his sincerity, carefulness and his commitment to his family. The couple had 9 children. Victoria appreciated her husband fromcore of her heart. She relied on his recommendation in matters of state, particularly in diplomacy. When Albert died in 1861, Victoria was shocked.
She did not come into sight in public for 3 years. Her extended seclusion generated significant public criticism. A number of attempts were made on Victoria's historical life. Though, under the influence of Chief Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Victoria resumed unrestricted life, opening Parliament in the year of 1866. But Victoria never stopped up mourning her beloved prince, wearing black until her death in 1901. During her reign, the best ever in English history, Britain became a power of world on which "the sun never set." And for their beloved activities it is called the Royal Love Story of the world.

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Love Quotes

“Love is an endless mystery, For it has nothing else to explain it”

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Love Quotes

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